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Here at Tone Movement we are constantly on the prowl for our next story.  Whether you’re a builder, repair shop owner, national artist, local artist or anything in between, we want to make sure the world knows your story.  We take pride in being able to provide the world with insider information that is difficult to find anywhere else on the web and we promise to do just that…

Our company and artist profiles offer a unique look at you and your work.  We have garnered a large following of people who are interested in every facet of this industry.  Our readers want to know who you are, what your workshop or jam room smells like, which hand you write with and everything else that makes you a distinguished member of this wonderful subculture.  If you want us to write an exciting and detailed profile on you and your doings please fill out the contact form below.

When we conduct our product reviews we really give them everything we’ve got!  We will take your effects pedals, guitars, amps and other gadgets and put them through the wringer (without any nasty cosmetic damage, of course).  If you want the world to have access to high quality images, sound clips and videos of your gear being put to the test in a series of real-world applications then send us a request for pricing.

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