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Tone Movement is the official blog site for Mojotone.com.  And while you will notice the occasional plug for a Mojotone product, our real goal goes so far beyond that.  Stay with me here…

We’ll start by scouring the country in search of the people who live their lives creating sound, tweaking tone and changing the way we all experience music.  So many of us have spent our nights banging our heads against the wall only to wake up at three in the morning drooling onto the schematic that was driving us out of our minds, yet it is safe to say that most of us will never get to know one another.

It is our mission to go to the dark alleys, the dive bars, the backyard workshops, the leaky practice spaces, and every seedy place in between to find the world’s undiscovered innovators of sound and put all of their stories in one place.  We’ll find the legends of small towns and the unsung heroes of big cities and then…we’ll share it all with you.

Mojotone has been supplying parts to thousands of amp builders, pickup winders, local musicians, repair shop owners and big name artists for years.  We want to find out just how these craftsmen are using Mojotone products to help create their sound.

So if you or someone you know has what it takes to be deemed a tone hero, please fill out our short contact form for the opportunity to become a part of the movement.




  • I have a small, home-based guitar and amp repair business that’s been going since 2008. It’s a passion of mine as you can see here in my new “Welcome” video: http://youtu.be/_CTSoo7-qQA

    Not sure if northern Indiana will be on any of your tour legs, but I’d be more than happy to speak with MojoTone after being a business-customer for quite a few years. You can contact me by email or through my website at http://www.owenguitarshop.com any time. Thanks!

  • Shop address is Modesto, Ca 95355. It’s. In my home and by appointment only . hours open 10am to 5pm Mon thru Thurs, closed Fri thru Sun. I have some physical issues that limit my time in the shop and I’m retired from the Corperate World. Degree in electronics. 40 years experience repairs and guitar top 40 lead picker. Toured and recorded in the past.

  • I run a one man shop to repair and modify Guitar and Bass tube amps and to make adjustments, electronics mods, and pro setups on electric instruments, correcting intonation at the nut as well as the bridge. I have recently started buying tubes from Mojo and I’m pleased with the quality and close matching does on JJ tubes. Their prices are very competitive as well with the other distributors I buy from.

    • Hey Tony, thanks for getting in touch. Where is your shop located? Maybe we can put you on the map. If not on this leg of the journey then definitely in the future!

  • I am a small amp builder in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Been developing and refining a low wattage amp for years that I on the verge of offering for production. I call my amps Transistor Resistor. I don’t yet have a website but here is a video/sound sample on YouTube:

    They are very simple, dynamic, toneful little 20 waters that are 100% hand built by me. I am currently building one for my fellow New Mexican, Ryan McGarvey who is quickly becoming one of the most acknowledged players in the guitar world.

    I think this is a great concept for a blog. Let me know if you would like more information or end up in my neck of the woods. I would be glad to visit with you.


    ~ Casey Mickelson – Transistor Resistor Amplification

    • Thanks so much Casey! Looks like we won’t make it out that way on this leg but hopefully somewhere down the road we can meet up. I’ll definitely keep you on my radar, but for now just keep rockin’ it and stay in touch!

  • A long time ago I found a second gen. Sunn Model t head. I later found a website about its problems and fixes for them. Along with those fixes I did some mods myself. Now with a 3-10 open back and a 1-15 open back, it’s 20 class A watts are load and proud. Sounds better than ever.

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